Where to begin!

I suppose right here right now is as good a place as any, I’ve never wrote a journal before let alone a blog. So why now well I’m in isolation like I should be, and maybe this is my escapism or I’m loosing my mind only time will tell. Truth is I’m a Massage therapist and I miss helping others so I’m hoping that by writing this I might help even just one person. I’m hoping that my positivity will come through putting a smile on someone’s face. Yes positivity, I have bucket loads of it, even after day 6 in isolation with the kids day, two with the hubby and yes he’s still alive although my wine intact has slightly increased.
What happens next no idea I’m winging it, but here’s hoping it’s a fun journey we go on because is we can’t smile and bring laughter into our lives in our darker times then how can we appreciate it in our lighter ones. I started doing Affirmations on my Facebook page this week in the hope of helping my clients from a distance but it’s limited so here I am writing a blog. At least if it goes wrong I can blame it on the quarantine and the wine. How do Affirmations work we’ll quite simply they are exercises for the mind. If you wanted a bikini body you have to exercise your body’s muscles to achieve it. This take time but dedication and repeating the same exercises will eventually get you there. Affirmations are simple exercises for our minds and emotions if we repeatedly say to ourselves the ones that suit us at the time our minds and emotions will become in tune to what we are saying and help us in overcoming our emotions, fears. This week whilst I am always positive I am human and for the first time in a long time I was anxious. Why because the realisation of what is going on around me became greater than my mind and emotions could handle in that moment. That’s when the Affirmations came into play I Am Calm and after a few hours it worked I felt calmer and better within myself. You won’t know if it works unless you try is so rather than brushing it off give it a go. What else have you got going on right now.
So here we go today’s Affirmation is I Am Able, I am able to get myself and maybe others through this, I Am Able to see a lighter side to the day ahead, I Am Able to accept the changes that are happening within my own world and come out the other side a better person. What are you Able for and keep it clean people?
Alison x

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