Hello, so I have been thinking long and hard about what I’d would write in my blog so many ideas and very little knowledge on blogs and how too. Sometimes its better to Just Do It and make a plan later learn as we go, that’s what I’d normally do and that’s what I’m doing now so bear with me. All this time on our hands how can we not over think things, burning ourselves out without knowing why and running round the kitchen like a little pac woman (I’m pink) eating everything in site regardless of whether we like it or not, taste buds what are they mine have packed up and left, if its in my kitchen its a pac woman point and so far the fat cells are winning.

Hence the blog #Myselfcare don’t worry I’m not writing about exercise or healthy eating. Even though I will need to start including them into my self care regime soon! No I’m talking about my every day plan for my own form of self care. This isn’t going to be anything magical so don’t get too excited its just something special that is just for me and hopefully inspires you to do the same. When we weren’t in isolation how often did we do something for ourselves? The simple getting your hair done or nails, buying a nice outfit, nights out with friends, cinema dates, body care appointments, massages anything that would help us feel good about us, my treat to me!

Well we don’t have to stop we just have to find a way to do it differently, a bit of DIY self care. It makes me think about war times how beauty creams and lipsticks became a prominent part in helping raise spirits giving women confidence and self belief to take on roles that the men could no longer do whilst off to war. Did you know that women were warned that stress and strain could lead to a thing called “war face” and that was the start or women and our creams lotions and potions. I’m not going to lie but I have actually spent more time these last few weeks using my lotions and potions more because I have the time than to feel empowered, but I have to say it is genuinely helping me to feel stronger in myself which in turn makes living in a house with the others more bearable.

Starting today its a polish and buffing session getting rid of the old coming out as a new me I plan to leave this house as a bronzed goddess. Now you can find lots of ideas online for making your own scrubs but for me that is just taking the whole DIY thing to far. No I fulling intend to lock the bathroom door no ones getting in. taking out my gorgeous Tropic Body Smooth made with sea salts, jojoba & macadamia oils, and invigorating lemon myrtle, bergamot and lime essential oils. I plan to smell it for about 5 mins promise I won’t eat it, then scrub my body from head to toe ridding it of the dead skin cells and with a bit of luck loosing up them fatty cells underneath the surface too, well a girl can hope. Then its the Body love firming butter cream after the shower of course I haven’t lost it completely yet but I’m determined to fight back these fatty cells with the sea kelp extracts & pink peppercorns to firm and tone, I’ll emerge velvety and smelling divine, then I’ll put on my new pj’s on only joking I’ll get dressed to go to the kitchen. So that’s my first step into #myselfcare whilst in lock down, its not all about beauty I have other plans too but the best way to start is preparing myself for my own war in my head to get me and my family through this.

What will you do for yourself today to make you feel good?

love Al x

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