Laughs, Love and Music

Well what a laugh I’ve had today and lets face it laughter is the best medicine. It’s Saturday and officially the Easter holidays for some, so teacher hat is off and chocolate one is on like this pac women needs any more chocolate. I actually hate that I’m saying this but I’m feeling a two week boot camp coming on this Easter. I’ve the whistle weights and exercise bike out well its always been out but I’ve removed the cloths and dusted it down. So operation Bronzed Goddess is ago wish me luck and feel free to join in. Go on you know you want too. As for Easter I never plan ahead and this year I did so lesson learnt stick to last minute and winging it its what I’m good at.

Back to today well #myselfcare was quite simply playing about in my treatment room with my gorgeous daughter. We’ve been in here for hours and what a ball we’ve had, I feel buzzing like I did getting ready with friends in my younger years before going out. Lets face it the getting ready and having fun before going out was what made them nights so special the music blasting, dancing, singing picking outfits having that 2nd eye to say definitely not or definitely you, the laughs and the love for your girls in arms. Oh the things we give up when we settle down and have to trust our partners eye. I’m sitting here all made up and no where to go except the kitchen for another wine, but how I loved today and can’t wait to get a night away with the girls again. No excuses if I’ve learnt anything today its that reigniting them fires from within that fill our hearts and make us feel young again are ever more vital to getting us through the tougher stuff that life throws our way. I mean living in the past is not my thing I’m all about the present moment and not panicking about the future that we have yet to unfold, but what I’m realizing with all this time on my hands is that the great emotions we feel from our pasts, our child hoods, teenage years, 20’s when we tap into them we feel good and can take on our own section of the world again. So set yourselves on fire not literally but get them good times feelings flowing go back in time and take your kids with you my daughter loved seeing me being stress and care free, smiling laughing and enjoying the music. Jump in the puddle, dance in the rain have a disco in your front room or sit out tonight and watch the stars. Whats stopping you? Then if you want tell me about it I’d love to hear it.

Al X

If one good thing can be taken from being in isolation its the gift of time to do the things I never had time to do before.

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